Does Muscle Burn Fat? Fat Burning Tips to Get Lean and Toned

By Michael Mukoyogo

Despite our best efforts it is still impossible to turn muscle into fat. You still can't get a lean hard body by first building a chubby soft one. But how about the other often heard argument? Does muscle burn fat? We commonly hear this question and here is your answer.

Exercise is inefficient for burning fat
It's a good job too. If it wasn't early humans would not have survived since finding food was a lot more difficult than a trip to the grocery store. The energy required to get our hands on food would literally have killed us!

A great example of the inefficiency of exercise is if you look round the gym at all the people banging away endlessly on cardio machines. They aren't all lean, because they haven't all got their diet dialed in, and no amount of blood sweat and tears can turn that around. So you can use your muscle to burn fat, it just isn't particularly effective, like shovelling snow with an axe.

Burning fat......or losing fat? Does muscle burn fat better than the right nutrition plan
You can guess the answer by now. It's not exercise that makes the magic happen.

If fat burning is the goal the focus needs to be the right nutrition plan. Plenty of people get in shape without spending hours doing traditional fat burning exercises. No one on earth will get in shape if they don't eat in line with their lean goals.

Once you have this in place and are in an energy deficit, then all exercise you do is a fat burning bonus. So what you need to do is get into a position to take advantage of this first. When you do you can then use muscle to burn fat as a bonus.

Tips to use muscle to burn fat

1) Use intermittent fasting
Intermittent fasting is a great tool to get you into an energy deficit without the clunky complications of the typical diet and its endless rules. There are a great number of benefits but number one is that you will eat less, and you probably won't even notice. That's a definite bonus, and there aren't many of those in the diet world.

2) Workout in a fasted state
If you go into your workout in a fasted state your levels of fat melting growth hormone will go through the roof, and you'll be getting leaner. Try not to eat anything for at least 2-3 hours before you workout. Yes it goes against the constant feedings of the bulky bodybuilder approach, and that's why its perfect.

3) Use strategic cardio at the right time to burn fat
After an intense workout your bloodstream is full of free fatty acids just crying out to be burned. You wont have a better opportunity, so if you can engage in some low intensity exercise, such as walking or light jogging for 30 minutes plus you are right in the fat burning zone, and can really make the most of your fat burning opportunity to use your muscles not just to burn fat, but to blowtorch it off your body.

These tips will help you make the most of your ability to use muscle to burn fat. Just remember to eat right first!

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