The Best Science-Based Plan To Get Six Pack Abs (3 Simple Steps)

Let's face it, six pack abs are something that most men want. In fact, one of the most common questions I get asked is "how to get six pack abs" or "how to get abs fast". However, most people are unfortunately brainwashed by a lot of the bad advice out there promising 6 pack abs. In this video my goal is to provide a complete evidence-based guide to help you get abs fast - not "4 minutes" fast, but as fast as humanly possible WITHOUT sacrificing muscle loss. I'll go through three basic steps.
Step 1 involves setting up your diet for six pack abs. I've tried to simplify it by setting up a calculator (linked further below in the description) that will provide you with the calories and macronutrients you'll want to initially start with. This will be refined in step 3.
Step 2 involves setting up your training. You'll want to combine your calorie deficit from step 1 with a resistance training program in order to build/maintain muscle as you slowly lean down. What I'd recommend is using my upper/lower workout program which I've linked further down below as well. You will also want to incorporate various exercises for abs as well, as this will help you build/shape your six pack to help them look better once they're revealed. A mixture of both weighted and unweighted ab exercises performed 1-3x/week is what I'd recommend.
Step 3 involves monitoring and adjusting your progress. Your goal should be to lose around 0.7% of your bodyweight weekly. So what you want to do is weigh yourself every morning and take a weekly average of it. If you're not hitting your goal weight loss per week, adjust accordingly by tweaking your calorie intake and/or tweaking your activity levels (e.g. cardio sessions).
Basically, you do this until you reach around 10-12% body fat which is the leanness you'll have to achieve in order to have a well-defined six pack. Although the process is difficult and requires dedication and patience, you WILL get there by following this simple yet powerful 3-step process.
And if you're looking for a step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to optimize your training and nutrition in order to achieve your six pack as quickly and as efficiently as possible, then simply take my starting-point analysis tool below to determine which program is best for you:

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