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How to Reverse The Signs of Aging

By David Szabo

I was talking to a guy in his 50's who was out of shape and overweight. As we were talking about nutrition, I brought up the fact that I had already eaten 3 meals (it was only around 5 o'clock pm). He said, "You know, you can do that now but once you hit your 30's you'll start to notice a difference in how much easier it is to gain weight, so you won't be able to eat like you do now." He then added that he was 55, only eats 2 meals a day, and can't lose a pound. He said he doesn't have the time to work out for an hour or more anymore. I hear similar stories all the time from people in their 40's and above, so I took this as an opportunity to share some really helpful information that he could use.

Without telling him I was already in my 30's, I started telling him that it was much more beneficial to eat 5-6 small meals a day (spread out every 2-3 hours) instead of eating only 2 large ones. I let him know that by skipping breakfast he was actually causing his metabolism to slow down which promotes fat storage. I then discussed how eating large meals slows down the body's ability to burn fat. I talked a little about how certain foods affected blood sugar levels- causing insulin spikes- which makes it hard for him to lose weight, but he really got excited about what I told him next.

I told him about how he could workout in 25 minutes or less and potentially burn 900% more fat than traditional cardio for an hour or more. I then took about 10-15 minutes to discuss HIIT and Super-Slow Concentrated Weight Training and how they both increased natural growth hormone and burned extreme amounts of fat. I told him they could actually turn back the hands of time and restore muscle mass of his youth. After I was finished, you could tell his vigor for working out had been restored, and he said he couldn't wait to try it!

I want to give you the same information I gave him. Use it, and see for yourself how well it works.

First, let me start by saying it doesn't matter how old you are to begin exercising. Actually, the older you get the more important exercise should be. Using the right techniques can actually restore old muscle back to muscle mass of your youth.

Now, I'm not saying your old, but what I am saying is that "old muscle" is muscle that has atrophied (wasting away of muscle) over long periods of time. Keeping that in mind, the longer it's been since muscle have undergone any real physical stress such as lifting weights, the harder it will be to regain and repair those muscles.

The good news is it's never to late to start exercising. Just keep in mind, if you haven't exercised in a long time, older muscles don't react well to strenuous exercise without being broken in first. So, make sure to take precaution and take it slow when first beginning any exercise.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)- is one of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck. Studies have shown that HIIT can potentially burn 900% more fat than typical aerobic exercise. During HIIT, you raise your heart rate to anaerobic threshold for 20-30 seconds followed by a 90 second rest. You should repeat this process 10 times.

You can compare HIIT and traditional, long bouts of low intensity cardio by looking at the difference in the physiques of sprinters vs. marathon runners. A sprinter (who uses HIIT training) has a very lean muscular body while marathon runners (who use long bouts of low intensity cardio) have very thin bodies. Many marathon runners look emaciated because they are actually burning vital muscle during this type of exercise.

Super-Slow Concentrated Weight Lifting- Any form of weight lifting can be very beneficial for the elderly. The bones become softer and more porous the older we get. Many elderly folks think the only way to fight osteoporosis is by taking drugs that contain toxic chemicals. Picking up the weight can fight muscular atrophy and increase bone density. Resistance training puts stress on the bones which creates new fresh bone making them more dense.

A very effective resistance training exercise is done by using super-slow weight training. This should be done using 4-5 different exercises that incorporate the larger muscle groups. Your aim should be to complete a full body workout (4-5 exercises) in approximately 12-15 minutes. An example of a complete workout would be:

Bent Over Rows
Shoulder Press
Bench Press

Each repetition should take approximately 10-12 seconds to complete, and each exercise should be done to failure. Try to minimize rest between exercises (30 seconds should be the max).

Both of these exercises trigger the production of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH plays a critical role in youthfulness, strength, and lean muscle mass. This is major benefit among the elderly because HGH steadily decreases after you reach your mid-30's. If you want to live longer and feel better, you should look into getting the best anti-aging supplement I've come across. Reduce cell damage and restore damaged cells with Longevity.

Remember, you're never to old to start exercising. It can reverse the signs of aging on many levels. Just make sure to check with your physician before beginning any new exercise routine.

As a side note, you should know that rest and proper nutrition is just as important as exercise. This allows your muscles time to rebuild and become stronger. Let your body be your guide as you workout. Their may be some trial and error during this process but you'll soon discover what works best for you and what makes your workouts most efficient.

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